Redefining Fast Food

The ubiquity and widespread use of mobile devices and smart phones is an undeniable phenomenon in this increasingly globalised world.The usage of technology has permeated every strand of society’s fabric that we’ve grown too reliant on them.

It appears at times we are undoubtedly enslaved by this little gadget we can’t live without, often eerily exhibiting an inextricable relationship between the human race and the prevalence of fast food.

And so I set forth in visually depicting this social slavery in my own interpretation; a mobile phone hamburger, complete with lettuce, tomatoes, slices of cheese and a sprinkle of flaxseed.

Hamburger made with layers of mobile phones

The setup was simple, albeit a little tight and uncomfortable. I would have desired a much bigger space to roll the sugar paper backwards, so the seamless curve would be further back. Unfortunately, I had to make do with this.

The camera was zoomed in at 60mm, and fired at 1.6sec (to burn in the image of the LCD screen on top), f/11 @ ISO 160. My key light was angled in a backlit angle from high above at 1/8 power zoomed to 105mm.

Lighting setup of hamburger mobile phones

My fill, a bare head speedlight, also zoomed at 105mm was a soft focused touch at 1/128 power to bring up details at the burger’s midsection. This fill was placed close to my camera’s on-axis path, slightly to camera left.

Lighting setup of hamburger mobile phones

A series of two mirrors added a tinge of specularity to the bottom phone.

Setup of hamburger mobile phones

Altogether, the ingredients included 2 Samsung, 2 Nokias & 1 HTC, though, not all were smart phones.

Tech crunch, indeed!

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