Wind Dance

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The photography project “Wind Dance” is a visual portraiture journey to photo document talented musicians and vocalists from all walks of life who are good and passionate in what they do. These artists range from amateurs to full-time professionals who eat, breath and sleep with all things music. Music is both the expression and extension of one’s personality and the motivator of one’s beliefs towards a cause or sentiment.

The project aims to portray the intimate connection of music with one’s soul and mood. Ultimately, Project “Wind Dance” serves to highlight the different types and forms, music has taken on among enthusiasts or practitioners alike who make a living out of it. More importantly, it shows the pervasive influence and inspiring effects music wields towards contributing to a sane, beautiful, harmonious and enlightened society.

This ongoing photo documentary hopes to unearth and promote hidden talents who are little known in the music community of today. Through this endeavour, I hope to help encourage the growth of one of the most powerful intangible forces ever known to men; by way of putting a face before music itself.

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