Coast to Coast

Blue Bird
Blue Bird

This collection of pictures documents all things coastal and its geographies, along with the people who have carved a home out of it for themselves. It’s a body of work that naturally grows in increasing relevance by itself, owing to rapid diminishing of sea lives, contamination and global warming.

The photography project “Coast to Coast” aims to depict the various elements of civilisation in their natural state, highlighting the seamless co-existence amongst people and the very tools they use to carve a living: boats. This series of pictures takes snap shots of all the water ways and its surroundings; namely sea, swamp and rivers.

From mangroove swamps to estuaries, rivers and beaches to the wide open ocean, it aims to string together the elements of humanity that inhabits the edge of the biggest habitat on earth.

A small selection of some of these pictures have been exhibited in Leonardo’s Dining Room and Wine Loft in Jalan Bangkung, KL in early 2012. Samples of limited edition prints for sale are also available.

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