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Subjects for project Exodus: Living in Exile must fit the following criteria:
Nationality: Malaysian or Ex-Malaysian
Current Location: Other than Malaysia
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There are presently over 700,000 Malaysians living and working abroad. Here are some of them. If you are one of them or know someone who should have been here in Malaysia but calls another country home instead, please drop me an e-mail.

I and many others in this country like to think that you are still part of us. As a photographer I can bring at least some of you together through your portraits and connect you with us.

The photographs from “Exodus” would be exhibited as part of an initiative to celebrate the freedom and tenacity of the oppressed human spirit. Please note that the resulting large collection of pictures from this project will be exhibited with the following details; Name, Nationality, Profession, Current Location. I will only publish such information as you are comfortable with.

What I would like to do is meet you and spend no more than two hours taking your portrait which I shall post on to this site. All I ask is two hours of your time and a few details about you to go with the pictures.

As I’m currently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I foresee most of the shoots to be held in Malaysia; unless of course, I happen to chance upon your current location overseas.

Please do drop me an e-mail and I’ll be more than glad and privileged to take it from there.

Meanwhile, you can download the Project Exodus flyer to be forwarded or printed and distributed at your location.

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