Photography Projects

We take an immense interest and place huge commitments in our personal works and special photography projects that span the entire spectrum of disease awareness and activism to social issues or lifestyle statements.

This is an extension of our CSR efforts in giving back to the community. Done on a pro-bono basis, we plan and research our subject matters carefully before embarking on any special photography projects. We welcome donations from anyone to help further our cause in creating impactful works through photography that speaks of the human condition.

Interested parties who wish to collaborate with us can give us a buzz.

The following features a list of ongoing and completed photography projects and personal works:

Malik Taufiq”Am I Number 12?” was a photography project completed in conjunction with World Hepatitis Day 2011 Malaysia. It highlights the shocking statistic that one in 12 people worldwide is living with either chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C.

This photography project was executed with very limited resources and quick planning. The full-scale production shoots were done in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac).

Kelvin LeeThere is an estimated 1 million Malaysians living and working in overseas. These commoners and professionals have chosen the migratory route to relieve themselves of the stifling and overpowering pressures of a system, steeped in inexplicable idiosyncrasies.

Exodus: Living in Exile, is a photography project aimed at documenting the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians currently living and working abroad. A tribute to the escapees who’ve found freedom and flourished, undetered.

Blue BirdThis collection of pictures documents all things coastal and its geographies, along with the people who have carved a home out of it for themselves.

From mangroove swamps to estuaries, rivers and beaches to the wide open ocean, it aims to string together the elements of humanity that inhabit the edge of the biggest habitat on earth.

DalmatianMugshots of neutered and ready to be adopted dogs. All photographs taken as part of an ongoing voluntary work for PAWS Animal Welfare Society Malaysia in achieving the sterile “clean room” look instead of the usual cluttered background and hand-carried positions.

The earth’s time zones can be defined by geometrically subdividing the Earth’s spheroid into 24 lunes (wedge-shaped sections), bordered by meridians each 15° of longitude apart. It’s an unseen but imaginable boundary that strongly upholds the notion that no two person could be at the same place, the same time.

Everyone, someone is living their lives, somewhere, everywhere. If truly every element of life could be reduced to statistics and managed objectively, the world would be without worries.

The Underground GuitaristProject Wind Dance is a visual portraiture journey to photo document talented musicians and vocalists from all walks of life who are good and passionate in what they do. These artists range from amateurs to full-time professionals who eat, breath and sleep with all things music.

The project aims to portray the intimate connection of music with one’s soul and mood. More importantly, it shows the pervasive influence and inspiring effects music wields towards contributing to a sane, beautiful, harmonious and enlightened society.

Keep Calm & Cast your Vote!An ongoing photo documentation of the powerful movement of human rights activism in Malaysia. This photography project captures the many evolving and matured social components of an increasingly awakened nation, in view of the ruling government’s success in galvanizing its citizens to be inquisitive and learned human beings.

A jaundiced baby in an old baby cot undergoing treatment under a Phototherapy Machine existed since 1979A photo documentary of all the places, objects and people who have existed since the arrival of Melvin Tong in this world, and are still presently found in Assunta Hospital. These collection of pictures have been launched on 8 June 2013, exactly 32 years later after the birth of Melvin Tong.

Truly, a celebration of the many wonders and soulful characteristics of an iconic hospital in Petaling Jaya which has been around since 1954.

A Myanmar Refugee ChildAs of 2011, there are more than 100,000 Myanmar refugees in Malaysia. 15,000 of them are children of school-going age. According to an UNHCR estimate, only 6,000 of these children attend schools which are set up by various Myanmar community-based groups. These schools are normally referred to as “Learning Centres” and are funded by NGOs or voluntary organisations.

“Glimmer of Hope” examines the diverse range of expressions of these Myanmar refugee children in Malaysia who were obviously fascinated by the photography session aimed at making them the “Star” for the day.

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